Free The Wage Slave is a blog about:

  • Discovering your inner genius (everyone has it)
  • Using entrepreneurship to work for yourself
  • Using personal development to become the best version of yourself
  • Travelling the world working remotely

This is a blog with all of the crap cut out.

  • No ads
  • No clickbait
  • No fluff
  • No hype
  • No lies

Just the very best of everything I've learned, benefited from and seen.

If you want to learn more about me…

1. I'm from London

My parents lived in Wales when I was born.

We came to London when I was 3.

2. I Live in Cancun, Mexico (for now)


Planning to be here until December 2019.

3. I Lived in Dubai for 16 Months


I arrived on a flight from Kuala Lumpur on Valentines Day 2018.

I went to Dubai to work under my mentor, Rajesh Nagjee (more below).

4. I Lived in S.E Asia for 2 Months

Krabi, Thailand

After I quit my 9 to 5, I wanted to go somewhere that felt like paradise.

I lived in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia for a couple of months.

5. My Personality Type is INTJ “Mastermind”


I'm in good company:

  • Elon Musk
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Isaac Newton
  • Jay-Z

Discover your personality type for free here.

6. I’m a Confident Introvert


I need alone time to recharge my battery.

Too many days without downtime makes me irritable.

When fully charged, I'm social, confident and I like people.

Mostly. 😛

7. I’m an Aries

aries personality type

That means I'm:

  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Confident
  • A Leader
  • Straight Forward
  • Independent

But also:

  • Stubborn
  • Impatient
  • Insensitive
  • Impulsive
  • Blunt
  • Restless

Disclaimer: You've been warned. If you choose to hang with me, its on you. 😉

I’ve Traveled the World


Not a lot compared to some people.

But I gave up trying to "do numbers".

I prefer enjoying each place for longer and I've been to some places many times:

  • Holland - 20+ times
  • France - 12 times
  • India - 7 times
  • USA - 4 times
  • Thailand - 3 times

And so on...


My Favourite Places

Tonsai, Krabi (Thailand)

tonsai, Krabi, Thailand

Stayed in a jungle hut.

Kayaked 20km in a day.

Sunsets like this.

No wifi. No Phones.

Also got robbed by a monkey (really).

Dubai, UAE

dubai Burj Khalifa
I took this from the Burj Khalifa with an iPhone 7+

Hot asf (55c/131f in summer), but so inspiring.

A place where the impossible is possible - perfect for an entrepreneur.

I miss seeing 4-5 Ferrari's on the way to work every morning.

And the buildings are better than anything I've seen.

Aruba, Dutch Antillies

Aruba, Dutch Antillies
Aruba, Dutch Antillies: July 2019

In June/July 2019 I went to:

  • Miami
  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • Curacao
  • Bonaire
  • Aruba
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico

Aruba was the best of them all.

The picture tells you why.

New York, USA

NYC Giant Pizza
It took 12 hours. But it didn't beat me.

A childhood full of movies set in New York made this top of my Bucket List.

I went in March 2017 and I've been dying to go back since.

I'm planning on spending a month there at some point.

For a Londoner, the energy feels like home.

Florence, Italy


Why I love Florence:

Style - Florentine's always dress impeccably because first impressions are irreversible. 

Afternoon Aperitifs - Locals go for a social drink after work, then go home to their families for dinner.

Art & Architecture - I'm into both, there's so much here.

Food - It's Italy. Nothing else needs to be said.

Wine - Tuscany has some of my favourite reds: Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino.


With my good friend, Rahul Jain, CEO of Brain & Company.

The food is incredible.

But the people are why I'll always love India.

The most humble, generous people I've ever met.

Proud to have many friends from that great country.

London, UK

Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Market. My office used to be here. Down the stairs and into the market for lunch.

London is special.

We don't talk to each other, but when shit hits the fan, we pull together.

2,000 years of history.

Everything you want, need or desire.

Free museums.

Taxi drivers that know every road in the city without maps or GPS.

I’m Vegan

vegan entrepreneur

A week long experiment in April 2018 that turned into a lifestyle change.

I just prefer to eat this way. I'm certain I won't go back.

I don't judge how you eat by the way. We can still be friends.

Everyone has to make their own decisions.

I Worked in Fortune 500s

Skye Khilji
Fresh faced and foolish. The City of London, 2011.

Like all little boys, I wanted to be a Key Account Manager in the Insurance industry. 😏

My "sentence" consisted of:

  • 6 years at Aon, a $10bn corporation
  • 6 years at MAPFRE, a €26bn corporation

I looked after our biggest accounts like Ford, Toyota, GM etc.

I left on Halloween 2017 after going out with a bang ($130m in contracts secured).

I'm a "Digital Nomad"

Getting work in at the airport. Bangkok, Thailand & Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I don't like the term, but its what most people know.

It means I work remotely - wherever my laptop can go.

All I need is what you see in this picture (and WiFi).

Oh - and those beach/laptop pictures are bullshit. It's impossible to work there.

I Was Born a Nomad

Sister, Grandma and me. 1985, Wales.
Sister, Grandma and me. 1985, Wales.

My parents had the nomad DNA.

My Dad converted a bus and made it his home.

He, my Mum and sister lived on it for many years before I was born, and a few after I arrived.

Probably why I ended up becoming who I am.

Probably why I feel at home everywhere.



I'm better than average at:

Absorbing MASSES of info and gaining comprehension quickly

Simplifying complex stuff and explaining it well

Finding the answer to anything on Google super fast

Intuitively knowing what's right or logical

Starting, planning and kicking off projects

Having the vision to know how to achieve things

Seeing the big picture, but also "doing detail"

Creating new businesses, projects, strategies, products

Christmas Quizzes - You want me on your team, trust me

Digital Marketing - Getting customers who pay you money

Optimising processes and systems



I suck at:

Managing day-to-day, repetitive tasks

Going at the same pace as my team

Finishing projects if they become boring to me

Managing staff - I can do it, but its painful for us both

Not taking on too much - I'm always overloaded

Stopping working - I'm obsessed and excited all the time

Estimating how long things will take

Being patient

I’m an All or Nothing Type


I struggle with balance.

I go 100% for the things I care about, and 0% for the things I don't.

That can be a problem.

Especially when someone I care about, cares about something I don't care about.

That sentence is as complex as the situation.

I'm working on it, but please forgive me in advance if you see this side of me.

I Have One Sister

Grandma, Dad, Moi, Sister
Grandma, Dad, Moi, Sister

Her name's Jade.

She's 6 years older than me and lives in Brisbane, Australia.

She's a business coach, a dog mama (Charlie) and most of all, a damn good sister.

I Play Guitar

Check out the Jimi Hendrix "Upside Down" guitar

My parents played Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and The Eagles a lot when I was young.

I love that stuff too.

I also had a rock phase:

  • I met a lot of bands like Marilyn Manson and Slipknot
  • I was in a music video with a band called Hundred Reasons
  • I played guitar but never had a lesson and can't read music

I'm the guy that can play a lot of parts from a lot of songs, but can only play 7 full songs. 🤷‍♂️

I'm Terrified of

I got anxiety searching for this photo.

Things that scare me:

  • Tomatoes - They lurk under lettuce and fill your mouth with disgusting gel covered pips


  • Falling off Anything High - Cliffs, buildings, bridges, aeroplanes. I dream about this


  • Dying with The Music Inside Me - I know I have potential, I haven't used it fully yet


  • Cliff Diving - I'll never jump into water unless I've seen 15 people survive before I jump


  • Those Creepy Dolls Grandmas Have - The babies dressed like adults with eyes that follow you


  • Mass Attention Before I'm Ready - Without preparation I suck. With it, I can nail anything


  • Being Trapped in One Place Forever - My soul needs travel at least every 3-6 months


  • Being Trapped Doing Something I Hate - I did it for way to long. I'll never go back


By the way, did you know there's actually people afraid of long words.  Guess what the scientists called this condition:


That's certified troll level 1000 🤣

My Life Purpose

Life Purpose

My Purpose: To be a source of light and life.

I help people get clear on:

  • what they want to do with their life
  • which path to take to achieve their dreams

This is usually to do with transitioning away from their job to the thing they really want to do.

Ultimate Goal: Create an Entrepreneurship Academy in Central London

  • Name it after my Grandma (made the brass plaque already)
  • Work with 9 to 5ers who want to incubate companies in the evenings/weekends
  • Provide training, support, financing, expertise and resources to start and grow companies


    • Prisoners - During their last 2 years of time to incubate companies and turn their lives around
    • Single Mothers - Who want to work at home while caring for their children
    • Young People - Before they make long-term decisions about their life direction
    • Young People - In deprived areas, offering positive options that benefit their communities

Mission: Help over 10,000 people leave their 9 to 5 job and do something that lights them up.

I live my purpose by:

  • Teaching marketing - so they can make money from the thing they love
  • Documenting my journey in achieving my goals on this blog
  • Creating content, sharing the best stuff I find and inspiring others
  • Working with entrepreneurs to hit their business and financial goals

Contact me if this resonates and you want to help me fulfil this mission.

I'm Passionate About

  • Serving - Helping people believe in their potential and dreams
  • Self-education - All human knowledge is available for free online
  • Providing opportunity - Everyone should be able to make something of their life
  • Resolve - Not being defined by my circumstances
  • Digital Marketing - You can generate an income with a laptop and Wifi.
  • Kindness - Giving the benefit of the doubt, thinking of others, being thoughtful
  • Uplifting others - Kind words, encouragement, compliments, favours and gifts
  • Equality - Everyone is equal and it's good to not be a dick
  • Entrepreneurship - Access to everything you ever wanted
  • Leaving a legacy - My life will be judged based on what happens after I go
  • Independence - Financial, location and time
  • Appearance - Making an effort with clothes, hygiene, manners
  • Family - After everything else and after everyone goes, they'll be there
  • Travel - The only thing you spend money on, that makes you richer
  • Health - We only get one body to live in

I Surf

I used to skateboard.

I had a surf lesson during a stag (bachelor) weekend and was able to ride waves really easily.

Since then I've loved it.

I've surfed in England, Portugal, Thailand and Vietnam.

Hawaii is obvs on the bucket list.

My Greatest Teachers

I've been lucky enough to be in the same room as:

  • Donald Trump (unlucky?)
  • Tony Robbins
  • Sir Alan Sugar (£1.2bn net worth)

I've had dinner with:

And I've been personally mentored by:

But of all of them, these were the most important:

Dr John Demartini


If you saw "The Secret" you saw John.

He changed my life with his "Breakthrough Experience" and his work on Values.

I flew to Houston on New Years Day to spend 3 days with him.

It remains one of the best investments of my life.

My Father, Joseph


Some say he looks like Einstein.

He actually had a friend whose nickname was Einstein when I was growing up.

Either way, he's always got some wise words for me.

Sometimes the lessons "land" years later, but I always remember where they came from.

My Grandmother, Rosanna

Drachten, Netherlands. 2017
Drachten, Netherlands. 2017

The woman who gave me my appreciation of art and culture.

As artist herself, she took me to galleries in many countries and to many exhibitions.

A Roman, she showed me her city and the rest of Italy.

I discovered art, sculpture, architecture and many areas which deeply affected my work.

She was:

  • Kind
  • Non-judgemental
  • 100% supportive
  • Always loving

And most of all, she ever made anyone feel like they were wrong (even if she knew they were!).

One of the most important people in my life then and now.

Rajesh Nagjee


Coach to over 350 CEOs with a combined value of $3.5bn.

A genius with a big heart.

A business partner at one point, but most of all a dear friend.

Depth over Breadth


I like to go deep.

  • If I study it - I'm reading over 100 books.
  • If I commit - It's all the way, no backing out ever
  • If we talk - Save the surface level stuff and tell me what's really up
  • If I like a food - I'll eat it a thousand times and always order the same thing
  • If I like a movie - I'll watch it at least 10 times a year
  • If I like a song - it's forever in every playlist and I'll sing the whole thing out loud
  • If I like a person - I'll do everything I can to help them, no matter what

I'm a Manchester United Fan


Yes I'm from London - but my uncle influenced me.

And it was good for a long time (Thanks Sir Alex).

It's not great now, but these colours don't run (and neither does our midfield recently!)

I Was on TV Once

Movie Star For a Day In My Trailer. 2015.
Movie Star For a Day In My Trailer. 2015.

You know Rob Lowe, from Wayne's World and The West Wing?

I never met him, but we were in the same show on Sky/NBC.

I don't have the footage, but I was a marine for a day.

My scene was in The White House, I saluted the President's advisers.

I got paid a solid amount of money for a lot of waiting around and about 10 minutes of work.

My Favourite Things

Boxes of Multi-Coloured Pens

For getting creative.

These belong to my friend Steph from Project Glow.

She has the best pen collections.

I do my best work on paper, colours make my work better.

White Walls

My Home office before I sold my house to travel the world.
My Home office before I sold my house to travel the world.

I think visually.

Mapping things out on a big walls helps me see connections and how everything works together.

I also like graffiti, but I'd never write on other peoples stuff.

So this feels like a legitimate version of that.

90% Lindt Chocolate & Zacapa Rum

My uncle Alex introduced me to this rum from Guatemala.

Here's how you drink it:

  • Pour less than half-a-finger of rum into your glass
  • Light a small tea-light candle
  • Warm the bottom of your glass with the candle
  • After a few minutes, sip a VERY small amount of rum
  • Bite a tiny "corner of a cube" from the chocolate

I'm not sure how or why it works.

But it does.

Here's a link to the rum and the chocolate.

This Hotel Room in Bristol, UK

In the Mercure Brigstow Hotel.
In the Mercure Brigstow Hotel.

180 degree view surrounded by trees.

The river passing by right in front of the room.

I stayed here once a week for 2 years.

Not the biggest room, but the most relaxing despite:

  • Loud drunks outside all night
  • Being able to see my office from bed

Driving Fast

I'm always safe, I don't put my life or anyone elses at risk.

But I love driving fast.

This 540bhp BMW was the highlight.

150mph+ into corners, 7-speed paddle shift gears.

And a fricking helmet with a microphone and headset so I could hear my "co-pilot".

Fuck yes.

Bose QC35 Headphones

The single best purchase of my life.

Noisy airports and coffee shops go silent - I can work.

Crying babies and aeroplane engine noise disappears - I can sleep.

Music sounds better, people talking loudly get tuned out.

I wear these for 8-10 hours a day.

Fresh White Nike Air Force Ones


Look amazing when fresh and white.

Goes with everything.

Things I Hate


Things I hate:

People Who:

  • Say "because we've always done it that way"
  • Take too long to say things that could be said way faster
  • Sit/stand way to close on empty trains and buses
  • Are fake - Its OK if you don't like me. Just be real about it.
  • Sell their integrity for attention or short-term cash
  • Hurt people/animals
  • Instagram themselves giving money to the homeless
  • Are rude to waiters, maids etc
  • Are bad drunks - Alcohol amplifies who you really are
  • Step on my shoes



  • Gherkins
  • Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Bloody Mary's - I refused to make them when I worked in a bar
  • Horseradish Sauce
  • Mustard
  • Non-Vegan Food



  • Wasting time queuing to pay for snacks - I'll always choose Self-checkout
  • Phone/Video Calls - Messages always preferred
  • Inefficient processes and stupid rules
  • Transactional relationships - Life is too short
  • Regular TV/Radio - Anything that asks me to watch on their schedule
  • Surface level conversation - The weather, current news etc - URGH!

I could go on.

We'll leave it here.

I've Published 4 Books

I've got 4 books published on Kindle.

They're all for sale on Amazon in:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India
  • Brasil
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • China
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Japan

Don't bother Googling them - they're all written under pen names.

They bring me in a steady passive income each month.

I'm working to expand this with print books and audiobooks in the near future.

My Perfect Sunday

My perfect Sunday looks like this:

  • Lazy start - Wake without an alarm
  • Social Media - I don't use social media much during the week, Sunday's I catch up
  • Coffee - Big cup. With a plant-milk (I fast during the week so can't have milk)
  • Breakfast - I eat at 4pm during the week. Sunday's I enjoy breakfast. Usually I fill a crusty bread roll with something tasty.
  • Watching YouTube/Netflix - Documentaries about sharks and Nazis usually. Sometimes movies.
  • Order Take-Out - Delivered with desert every time. I'm healthy most of the week, Sunday I indulge a little.
  • Recharge My Batteries - Some form of self-care. Could be a black face mask. Maybe a massage.
  • Eat Snacks - Crisps, diet sodas, more deserts. Anything "off-limits" in the week.
  • Meditation - I sometimes skip it during the week. Sunday's we do a 1 hour long meditation.
  • In Bed Early - Get into bed before the sun is down. Don't leave until Monday



This stuff is important to me:

  • Entrepreneurial Success - For myself, and for the people I work with
  • Location Independence - Not being tied to one place. Freedom to travel.
  • Physical Attractiveness - Appearance, style, hygiene, effort
  • Fame - Being known, to make an impact on 1m+ people before I die
  • Marketing - The art of getting money from people you've never met
  • Relaxation - Making the time to recover. I can't function without it

I Live For Memes

Look how happy that pig looks 🤣

Life is better with memes.

Send me your best memes on Instagram.

99% of the Time I Don't Drink

But when I do...

I'm from England.

That means we drink a months worth of booze in a single night.

It's a gift.

99% of the Time I Don't Smoke

Hitting the shisha in Dubai
Hitting the shisha in Dubai

You can't live in the Middle East and not get into shisha.

You become what you do daily - so I don't consider myself a smoker.

But I do like to smoke shisha a few times a year.

I Do Weird Experiments

My brain map
My brain map

I've done a lot of experiments in pursuit of optimal performance and productivity.

They include:

  • Neurofeedback Brain Training - In the pictures above. Life-changing for me. I have it done in India with Brain & Co.
  • 21 Days of 4am Wake Up - I made it to 17 days. Got a lot of work done
  • 7 Days of Vegan Diet - Became a lifestyle change. Still a Vegan.
  • 28 Days of Ketogenic Diet - 19 pounds lost
  • 17 Days of Rapid Fat Loss Diet - 16 pounds lost
  • Past Life Regression - Got to see my past lives. Unsure if real.
  • Deep Meditation - Had a kundalini experience. Life Changing
  • 18 Days of Juicing - Didn't weigh myself but body transformed quickly

There's many more.

I've tracked everything I've eaten for over 12 years. I have the spreadsheets and photos of everything.

Might share those one day.

I'm a Serial Entrepreneur

Marketing Director & Consultant

Dubai, 2019
Dubai, 2019

I work with a handful of clients.

I serve as their "Outsourced Marketing Director".

I define strategy and build teams to make it happen.

My main clients include:

  • The future Amazon.com of Uganda
  • A 7-figure Dating business
  • A famous psychology website whose clients include Apple, Harvard and Ford

And many other smaller clients I work with on a project basis.

Milestone Dubai

I've been Marketing Director of Milestone since August 2017.

We've completed over 700+ projects in Dubai and have been featured in Hello! Middle East.

Here's some of our work:

Designed & Built. In the Home of the CEO of a $1bn Company
Designed & Built. In the Home of the CEO of a $1bn Company
Custom Pergola & Landscape Design
Custom Pergola & Landscape Design
Landscape & Outdoor Dining Area
Landscape & Outdoor Dining Area
Double Pool Design & Build
Double Pool Design & Build

Marketing Agency Owner

I've had an agency since 2012.

We were the first "Pay on Results" agency in London at the time.

We've worked with:

  • Multi-million dollar eCommerce brands (lingerie)
  • Health Coaches with 5,000+ Member Communities
  • Mens Tailor to Daniel Craig (007) & The England Cricket Team
  • A Mayfair Gentleman's Grooming Emporium

And many others.

The photos above are from the launch of my marketing agency - Profit Partnerships.

The event cost me just £250.

That includes:

  • Black Tie Waiters
  • Female Meet & Greet Staff
  • Art Gallery Venue in Central London (opposite the Ritz)
  • Canapes and champagne/whisky/beer
  • Gift bags with premium skincare products
  • A business-class flight to New York as a prize

Let me know if you want me to write a post about how I did this.


I've worked with a few selected young entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their business growth.

I always had mentors who were a few years ahead of me - so I like to help do the same.

Other "Hats" I've Worn in The Past

Magazine Publisher

I published a magazine for around a year.

The magazine was for coaches to send to their clients.

We produced the magazine each month and added the coaches name and photo as the editor.

Marketing Automation Software

I developed a brand called Profit Genie and provided marketing automation software to business owners.

The software automated the entire marketing process and delivered qualified leads to the sales team.

Affiliate Marketing

This was a $1,000 a week business which required only 1 hour a week of work.

I was promoting a "lottery numbers prediction" product.

This is how it worked:

  • I'd run ads on Bing - People searching "lottery prediction" and other phrases would see my ad
  • If they clicked the ad - they'd get sent to the website for the product
  • If they purchased I got a commission - The commissions continued as long as they were members

Each week I'd check my earnings and edit the ads if they needed it.

That's it.

It made me fall in love with passive income businesses.

Unfortunately Bing stopped allowing ads like that and the show was over.

Marketing Mastermind For Coaches

I had a private coaching group with almost 100 coaches from all over the world.

Members learned how to market their coaching businesses and we held a weekly members conference call.

I also realised a successful course called "Coaching Client Magnet".


Fitness Website Owner

The design is so basic. But I coded it by hand, teaching myself so I'm still proud :)
The design is so basic. But I coded it by hand, teaching myself so I'm still proud 🙂

In 2008 I created and operated a successful fitness website.

I wrote over 175 posts and we interviewed:

  • Men's Health Cover Models
  • Famous authors
  • World champion bodybuilders
  • Female fitness models

I eventually sold that business in 2012 after receiving "an offer I couldn't refuse".

This site gave me passive income for years.

Being able to sell something I created from scratch got me addicted to marketing.

I Try To Be Healthy 80% of The Time

In NYC. <br>Yes, its the same day as the giant pizza. <br>Got the 80/20 the wrong way around that day :)
Yes, its the same day as the giant pizza.
Got the 80/20 the wrong way around that day 🙂

I Believe in Hidden Knowledge

I believe there are things we don't know, that can accelerate our results/progress.

It's why I do so many experiments.

Doing the opposite of the masses seems to produce results beyond what most people achieve.

I'm obsessed with finding these 1% shifts that create dramatically different results.

I Believe in Aliens

I've always been fascinated by aliens since seeing "Fire in The Sky" as a kid.

And reading about The Roswell Incident.

It captivated me then, and still does today.

NASA themselves now say:

"Is there life beyond Earth? I think the answer is yes — but we just don’t know.

We underestimated nature when we doubted whether water or complex molecules would exist beyond Earth.

Each one of those is much easier to achieve than we thought possible.”

When you bear in mind there are estimated to be 200 billion galaxies and they are 13.82 billion years old - we can't be the only beings ever capable of life.

Can we?

I Hate Cooking

Love food.

Hate cooking.

I find it mostly a waste of time.

I can use that time to do something I care about, which benefits other people too.

I prefer to let people who love cooking take care of it.

They enjoy it, I enjoy the food more.

Everyone wins.

I'm a Student

The CEOs Business Growth Program, Dubai, November 2017
The CEOs Business Growth Program, Dubai, November 2017

My reputation for taking courses has earned me an unfortunate nickname in a WhatsApp group.

It can't be repeated here 🤦‍♂️

My brain is like a sponge.

It needs new information CONSTANTLY.

  • I sleep with podcasts playing
  • I listen to audiobooks all day while working
  • I read in the bathroom
  • I learn something new everyday

Sometimes I can't turn my brain off.

But on the whole it's helped.

I learned marketing, copywriting, building websites, publishing books and every useful skill I have by being a lifetime learner.

I'm a Digital Marketer

It's cool to be a digital marketer now.

But I started when the internet was in its infancy.

When offline was still a thing:

  • I'd send out 50 letters per week to local businesses
  • I sold them advertising space on flyers
  • We'd send physical postcards/flyers to their prospects

Since then I've grown my skills, 90% through experience, 10% through qualifications.

My "badges of expertise" (which I mostly got to make clients more comfortable hiring me) are here:

Community Mastery Certificate


I respect everyone's beliefs, but I've never "vibed" with traditional religion.

To me, religion is used to divide us.

And most of the world's religions have a lot in common.

But we chose to focus on what separates us, rather than what unites us.

That seems stupid to me.

The more I travel, the more I realise we're all very similar.

We care about the same things.

I do believe we're more than "bodies of meat" on a rock flying through the cosmos at 1,000 miles per hour.

I've had enough experiences to know there's more beyond this life, but what it is, or how to explain it is impossible.


I'm not married and I don't have any kids.

I don't have any plans to have kids either.

I do have a girlfriend, her name is Miriam and she's brilliant:

I Lead Seminars, But Find It Hard

In action in Dubai, 2019.
In action in Dubai, 2019.

I've always felt like I have a message to share, but I was always scared to talk to an audience.

Two things changed that:

    • My best friend John (aka Nighthawk) asked me to be his best man.I did a speech to over 100 drunk Londoners.I don't need to explain any further.
The quality of this picture tells you how long ago this was!
The quality of this picture tells you how long ago this was!
  •  My mentor, Rajesh Nagjee forced me to lead a workshop for 50 CEOs with only a few hours notice.

    He told me the night before that I was leading a weekend workshop - without any training.It hurt. I struggled. I learned. I grew. I led workshops every month after that.

I Learned Krav Maga for 2 years


I hated cardio, so I found something I enjoyed that made my heart beat harder.

I did it twice a week and got into great shape.

The tests for the belts were hard as hell.

2-3 hours of:

  • 100 pushups then fight
  • 500 situps then fight
  • 2 minute plank then fight

And so on...

It was torture, but built mental resilience and a will to never quit.

That's been helpful.

Learn about it here.

My Favourite Books

I literally have a stack of 100 books I've not read yet, so this could get long.

Note: I only read non-fiction.

I'll do a definitive post at some point.

Until then, these come to mind as the best of the best:

Books That Make You a Better Human

Personal Development






Inspirational People/Stories

Dealing With Your "Stuff"

My Favourite Blogs

I don't read many blogs regularly, these are the ones that I keep coming back to:


My Favourite Movies

I mostly like movies that show someone winning against all odds.

Especially entrepreneurs trying to make it (relatable asf).

But I also like stupid, funny movies.

Here's my lists (off the top):

Epic Movies

  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Big Short
  • The Equalizer
  • Training Day
  • Blow
  • The Godfather
  • Scarface
  • The Departed
  • The Sting
  • The Dark Knight
  • Catch Me if You Can
  • Limitless
  • Focus
  • American Gangster
  • Fight Club
  • Seven
  • The Matrix
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Predator


  • Step Brothers
  • Talladega Nights
  • Bad Moms
  • Shaun Of The Dead
  • The Hangover Series
  • Bridesmaids
  • Superbad
  • Get Him To The Greek
  • Austin Powers Series
  • Coming To America
  • Money Talks
  • Head of State
  • How High
  • The Naked Gun
  • The Jerk

For Entrepreneurs

  • The Social Network
  • The Founder
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Boiler Room
  • Steve Jobs
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Margin Call
  • The Imitation Game
  • 8 Mile
  • Padman (Bollywood)
  • Wall Street (both movies)
  • Office Space
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

My Favourite TV Shows

I don't watch TV much, when I do I watch:

  • Power
  • The Office (UK)
  • Homeland
  • Game of Thrones
  • Peaky Blinders
  • House of Cards
  • Narcos
  • Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
  • Mad Men
  • Planet Earth
  • Boardwalk Empire

I also binge watch documentary episodes on serial killers.

I haven't figured out why yet, but marketing is about "getting into the mind" of the prospect.

I suppose I wonder what makes serial killers tick.

My Favourite Actors/Actresses

Image Credit: <a href="https://the-talks.com/interview/morgan-freeman/">The Talks</a>
Image Credit: The Talks
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Leonardo Di Caprio
  • Will Smith
  • Robert Di Nero
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Al Pacino
  • Denzel Washington
  • Johnny Depp
  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Meryl Streep

My Favourite Comedians

My Favourite Music

My taste is music is super varied:

  • Classic Hip-Hop - BIG, Pac, Jay, Nas, Pun, Jada, Em, Dre, Snoop, 50
  • 60s/70's Rock - Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin
  • Classical & Meditation Music - For working with headphones
  • Instrumental Only Saxophone Covers - For Relaxation time
  • RnB Old & New - Marvin, Donnell Jones, Joe, Maxwell, John Legend
  • Modern "Pop" - The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Adelle, Amy Winehouse
  • Late 90's-00's Rock & Metal - Nostalgia. Nirvana, Slipknot, Tool
  • Grime & UK Rap - Kano, Giggs, Wiley, Nines, Dave, D Block Europe
  • Modern Hip-Hop - Nipsey, Nino Man, Dave East, J Cole, Drake

Rather than list it all, you can just see my playlists on Spotify here.

My Favourite Podcasts

The podcasts I listen to most are:

My Favourite Coffee

When fasting:

  • Large black with 2 x Stevia

When not fasting:

  • Large latte with coconut/almond milk and 2 x Stevia
  • Large latte with coconut/almond milk and 1 pump of caramel sugar-free syrup

My Favourite Quotes

The one above is my screensaver, so its pretty important for me.

Others include:

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