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What Are The Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Advertising on Facebook and Instagram?

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In this episode, I answer a listener question which is:

What would you say are the most common mistakes you see businesses make when advertising on Facebook and Instagram?

Episode Transcript

Okay, on to the next question. It's another one from Mike, how do you, what would you say are the most common mistakes you see businesses make when advertising on Facebook and Instagram?

All right, Mike. So the most common mistakes that businesses make when the advertising on Facebook is a couple of things. It's a big topic. But mostly they try and convert cold traffic right out the gate. So that doesn't mean much.

So let me explain that cold traffic is a stranger, somebody that doesn't know you, they don't like you. They don't trust you. They've never heard from you or have you and you're trying to get them to buy something immediately.

This is the business equivalent of walking up to a girl on the street and asking her to marry you. It just doesn't work like that buddy. And I don't recommend you try. Okay. How we need to do instead is we imagine we're a party. So what happens a party is you meet somebody. And the first thing is maybe you overhear something that they say and you'll step in and be like, Oh, you Interested in personal development to if you've seen the new book from Tony Robbins, and that's something they care about.

So they're gonna like jump in, talk to you and engage with you. And that's the first thing we want people to engage with us, right? So the first step is awareness, which is getting their attention. And step two is getting them to engage. So the way that we do that in Facebook typically is not running an ad and trying to get someone to buy immediately.

What I do in my business, and I really recommend that I do for my clients is I boost the post a boosted post is cheaper than running an ad, I create a really great piece of content, and I boost the post. And so many people see that and I target the people obviously, that you know, match who I want to influence and interact with. And they see that piece of content and they give it a like they comment or whatever they do with the post.

What then happens is I have another campaign, which is for warm audience. So originally they were cold. They saw the boosted posts, they at least know who I am. So I then retarget those people with another three or four posts that are again, just more content. And I'm warming them up, they're starting to know who I am engaged with me, that is going to be more pieces of content. In a business context, it would be testimonials and case studies and videos and my clients saying how great it was, you know, working with me.

And they're really starting to know me like me, and trust me by this point. At this point, what I'd probably do is offer them something where I need their email address in return is that building the listing.

So it could be like, Hey, give me your email address, and I'll send you my template for writing a winning proposal on Upwork. I just made it up as an example. for them. It's an email address, but they get something of huge value. Then when I have that email address, I, you know, can follow up with them and retarget them through email. But what I typically do is I also keep running ads to those people who are now warm, and it's only at that point do I ask them for something where I ask a book or consultation, maybe purchase a product Maybe sign up on my site, join my subscription box, whatever that thing is.

So there's three steps we've gone from, you know, cold to warm to hot, from stranger to friend to lover, if you're using that context, okay? Don't walk up to strangers and try and get them to marry you is just weird. And if you want to know more about that, there's a book called The 12 stages of intimacy by Desmond Morris and anthropologist, and he basically studied how mammals and humans and the animal kingdom bond and build relationships. And he found that there are 12 stages.

And if you jump more than two stages, the other person feels violated and runs away. This is why when the phone rings and someone's you know, trying to sell us a new T Mobile cell phone contract, we can't wait to get off that phone as quickly as possible. So you know, don't try and go for the kill, don't try and go for the sale first, yet again, it comes back to empathy, creating value, and you know, giving giving, giving Before you Ask Gary Vaynerchuk calls it Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. And that's really, really what it's about. So that's what I would tell you is the biggest mistake.

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