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How Do I Get My Side Hustle Going While Working Full Time?

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In this episode, I answer a listener question which is:

I'm giving a few things a go that could top up my wages, maybe an extra 400 to 500 pounds a month. But I struggle to get things fully up and running along with a day job.

Episode Transcript

So the next question, just absolutely made me laugh.

So it comes from my friend, Sam Baldwin over in London. And the first question I am not going to read out on this podcast because I will get banned by iTunes and Spotify, but it was basically called growth speed.

And his question was, I would like to know how you managed in such a short space of time to go from a massive Not saying that word to an even bigger not saying that word. Well, Sam, I'm not gonna answer that question. I think you know the answer to that one, and I've been called worse. But Sam's follow up question is one that you'll probably be interested in, which was, I'm giving a few things ago that could top up my wages, maybe an extra 400 to 500 pounds a month. But I struggle to get things fully up and running along with a day job.

So the short message and his tough love Sam is prioritize. I know it's hard when you work long hours, and I know you've got kids, but it is possible. The biggest thing I would say is check the screen time app on your phone, you're probably going to find that you're spending four to five hours a day on social media. Use that time for something more positive.

Our default response whenever we stand in line for a minute, or we have a moment or we go to the bathroom, is to pull out that phone and consume rather than create we waste time. So what I would tell you is use those 15 minute blocks. And string them together. So here's how you do that you make a list of what needs to get done. So let's just say that it's a single two hour task, you break that down on paper into eight blocks, and each block is 15 minutes only. And you focus only on the next block. So when you have 15 minutes, you know, okay, all I need to do is focus on 15 minutes, this is what I need to get done in that block.

Maybe it's you need to go online and research, you know, a provider of something, who you can collaborate with, that's done is easy, it's simple. So breaking down those tasks, it just means that even if you don't get to win the day, you go to sleep every night, knowing that you've kind of moved forward on that. And there'll be days when you know, the kids are asleep, and you get a long block of time to do stuff. And there'll be other days where you only get 15 minutes in the bathroom, but whatever it is, and however it happens, make them count.

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