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What Social Media Platform is Best for Finding High-Net Worth Investors?

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About This Episode

In this episode, I answer a listener question which is:

What social media platform is best for finding high net worth investors?

Episode Transcript

Skye Khilji:

The next question is from my good good friend, @michealhoaddirector on Instagram. This dude is probably the coolest person that I know. He was a client of mine back in 2016, in the original version of my marketing agency, and I actually took him to an evening talk of Dr. Demartini. Another prime example of how just giving you know actually changes people's lives and your relationships with them. Mike was a personal trainer back then, and he still is.

But what he realized is that film and martial arts was important to him. And he's just embarked on this career of going from nothing to I'm going to be a martial arts, film star, and director and script writer screenwriter, all that stuff. He's a complete superstar. Go to his Instagram, check out the picture of him holding a gun to Sir Anthony Hopkins head. If you've seen Westworld you've seen Silence of the Lambs. He held a gun to Hannibal's head. Yo, that's impressive. Shit. Let's get Mike's question.


Michael Hoad:

What social media platform is best for finding high net worth investors?


Skye Khilji:

So for the context of this question, Mike is a movie maker and movies take a lot of money to do properly, sometimes hundreds of thousands, even multi millions, billions of dollars. So Mike is looking for investors to fund his movie productions. So Mike, I will tell you that it's probably going to be LinkedIn. The people who are on LinkedIn are serious business people, I would recommend that you are on there socially. But posting on there and hoping they're going to find you is probably not going to do the job. What I would tell you is this, get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, you can get a 30 day trial for free, and you can actually send messages directly into their inboxes. Now there are ways to do that. And I don't really have time right now to dig into that. That's a whole episode on its own.

But what you can do is message them In a way that builds value and establishes a relationship similar to what I've talked about earlier in this episode for the other platforms. The other really cool thing about LinkedIn and the Sales Navigator account is the search feature. You can search for people whose companies do a certain amount of revenue, a certain number of employees that they have, and the industries their job title.

So you can even put in there, you know, investor, film industry company a certain size, doing a certain amount of revenue, and you're going to figure out who your people are. And it's really about narrowing down to those key people, and then hitting them up again and again, building value over time. There's a great book called the referral of a lifetime, that talks about, you know, establishing, I think it's 200 people and just building relationships and nurturing them over time.

And if you do that, well, you know, they know so many other people that they can connect you with. I wouldn't even go with 200 my god identify your top 20 and just start building a relationship and creating For those 20 it's really about lasering, you know, down to those key people that are going to be pivotal in your career. We cannot boil the ocean, but we can boil a cup of tea, right? So focus on those people use LinkedIn, show up, create value for them.

And I think what you'll find is your relationships will start to just kind of blossom from there. What I would also tell you, in terms of business where I met, the most high net worth people is in two places, and it's by putting myself in the right environment. I had a mentor back in 2010. And he'd sold his company for $28 million at 28 years old. And because of my connection with him, he invited me to events, and I met Oliver Rothschild, I met a number of people who you know, they have the private jets, they're investors in companies, etc. And I haven't ever taken investment in a company. It's not something that I plan to do. I like the idea of using my own money because I think I spend it more wisely. But I get that for some projects and businesses that's necessary.

So just one connection of having that mentor opened doors for me to get in the room with other people. And the other thing that happened for me is when I went to work in Dubai, I went from just kind of being a normal dude running a business to being around billionaires and people on the Forbes list. And, you know, people with yachts in Dubai Marina, they drive Ferraris. And you know, that stuff doesn't really impress me. I'm not into that stuff that much. Yeah, hundred percent. I'd like a yacht and a Ferrari. Thank you.

But, you know, it's not really the the prime motive. But I, you know, went to Dubai and I started working with Rajesh in his CEO business growth program. And as a result, you know, I was in a mastermind with some of the finest CEOs in Dubai and my profile was raised. I worked with many of them then and now as clients, and that made a big difference. So figure out how to get in the room. And you're probably going to get joy actually in the offline. Rather than online, it's not really where you are is who you know, to a large degree. I hope that helps Mike.

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