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How Do I Escape My 9 to 5 If I Have No Clue Where To Start?

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In this episode, answer a listener question which is:

What advice can you give someone that has been trapped in a job for over 10 years wants to quit, but has no clue how to start?

Episode Transcript

So the next question comes from Karla Isaac, who's actually my girlfriend, Miriam sister. So Karla asks me, what advice can you give someone that has been trapped in a job for over 10 years wants to quit, but has no clue how to start?

Well, Karla, the first thing I would tell you is it starts with you. And you have to understand who you are. So I think it was Socrates, one of the wisest men of all time that said, Know thyself. And for me that comes down Firstly, to discovering your values. A great, great book on this from my mentor, Dr. Demartini, is called The Values Factor. When you understand what's important in your life, you realize that that's the area you need to play in. Where everything becomes easy, where you can produce amazing results without much effort where people will recognize your value and will pay you to help them with that stuff.

Discovering your values is so important. Next, I'd recommend you discover your strengths, weaknesses and skills to great resources 16 personalities calm, my personality type is INTJ if anybody's wondering, and then Gallop Strengths Finder, that test is similar to 16 personalities, it figures out what you are good at, for example, for me, I'm a visionary.

I am good at breaking complex things down into simple language. So it helps you really understand who you are and what you're good at. So you make sure any endeavour that you embark upon, fits if it doesn't fit, what you're good at and what your values are, is destined to fail. So the first thing is make sure that you're starting in somewhere that you're going to enjoy and that you're good at, and it works with who you are as a person that probably Best thing on that spectrum is wealth dynamics. It is $97 for a test, but it is worth it. My code my client, way back when I gave that to him, I had a free test and I gave it to him. And our relationship went to another level because I created so much value in his life.

Miriam has also done it in wealth dynamics. I'm a creator, and Miriam is a mechanic. So a creator is somebody who's the big picture visionary of where we going, I think Steve Jobs Richard Branson, those type of guys, it means that I'm always going to fail. If I try to manage the details. I need to stay in my lane, and I'm great at starting things. I'm terrible at managing the details. I'm terrible at finishing them. That's why I have project managers.

And that's why you know, working with Miriam's great because she's a mechanic, she's not good at starting things, but she's great at running the system and finishing things. When you know who you are. You know what type of work you can do. I'm really not going to be implementing projects for clients and managing them. A marketing that much. What I'm going to do is figure out what's wrong, create a strategy, kick it off, and then hand it over, that works better for who I am as a person. So knowing yourself, also allows you to then know, alright, if my business does need someone to manage the details, my right hand person needs to be a project manager.

And I've hired project managers for that reason. So it's really, really important wealth dynamics is just highly, highly recommended. The next thing is, once you figure out who you are and what you're good at and your lane, it's about the timeline.

So the timeline typically is this, you're in a job that you hate, and your desire and motivation is to move away from it. Secondly, you go beyond that into some kind of freelancing or some other work that you do, where you don't have a boss. It's something you're good at, you can get paid for it, and you can work on your terms. Then what happens is you're in that and it's better than working for a paycheck because you're working for yourself, but you're still not really doing that thing that you're called to do. In this world, it's not your purpose and your mission. And that third thing is your passion project.

So while you're working and you're freelancing or your side hustle, whatever it is, you're doing to pay the bills on your terms, you start building that passion project for me, it's free. The wage slave for Miriam is the veganism, SEO Instagram page. And you know, that doesn't monetize. That's your long term legacy project, is the thing that you want to pay you eventually, but you know, it's gonna take a bit of time, but you do it because you love it. So the middle step, going from the job you hate, to doing something else where you don't have a boss anymore. That is where the freedom is found. And getting there quickly, is really, really important.

So how do you get there? Well, you can do a side hustle after work. I would tell you that freelancing is faster and safer than starting a business. You know, 95% of businesses fail within five years. So the chances of you making a success of it first time is probably unlikely. So I wouldn't recommend that I would To some Upwork type work, get onto upwork.com do some initial work, get some reviews under your belt, my first job on Upwork way, way, way back was $100. For 100 articles, they were 250 word articles about rich people's net worth. So there I am trying to leave a relatively well paying, you know insurance job in a fortune 500.

And here I am doing $100 for 100 articles a $1 per article, and I'm writing about other rich people's net worth Meanwhile, feeling broke working for $1 an hour, but I did it to get reviews onto my belt, and that made other people more comfortable giving me jobs, when they give you a job, they're taking a risk on you. If I see your profile when you don't have any jobs, I'm probably not going to give you a shot. When I post a job on Upwork for people, I have a minimum that I need them to have worked 100 hours and have a 90% plus success rate because I don't want to be the guy taking a shot on something unproven and most business owners are like that.

What I do that does give people a shot, is you can do trial tasks for free. So one thing I did back then was I would just reply to people and say, hey, look, I'm new on up work, but I'm good. And I'll do a trial task for free. So you can see how we work together. Everyone's gonna say all the best stuff, but you learn how compatible you are from a work perspective, once you actually start working with each other. So trial toss removes the risk for the business owner. And it actually gives you a shot to show what you can do.

And, you know, obviously, make sure you can do what the job is. But it really helps kind of break through that barrier. Try not to compete with the Indians and the Filipinos on Upwork. They're always going to be cheaper than you. So don't compete on price. If you do the same work, price yourself higher, and position yourself as here's why it's going to save you time and money to work with me instead. And that can be things like I'm a native English speaker, so the columns are going to be better and 100% responsive.

I'm always online, I'll give you free revisions. I have 100% satisfaction guarantee, hey, Karla, these are things that actually everybody does, but calling it out and specifying that and saying that provides the reassurance that the prospect needs.

So, you know, tell them that stuff in your job application. The quality of application is so vital, it gets you more interviews, which gets you more jobs. So learn about copywriting. focus completely on that person. And how you can add value to them, listen to their job description, show that you listen to it by paraphrasing, and then tell them how you're going to do that and give them some ideas that shows that you're creating value for them before you've even got the job.

You're not waiting to get the job. And that's really, really going to change things for you build that side income is probably never going to match the day job income because your hours are limited and with freelancing you probably are selling your hours but you'll get to a point where you When it's possible, and you know, okay, I'm getting enough work.

I'm getting good feedback clients are working with me. I know if I spent my hours on my freelancing, I'd make more money. So that's the steps. There's some things that I would recommend for you. And I hope that helped. And I hope I answered your question.

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