The Guaranteed Way To Get More Leads (Proven To Work Over 30 Years)

Many videos offer “hacks” to get more leads, many based on manipulation and trickery.

In today’s video, we go back in time to a video I shot in Dubai in 2018 where I talked through a strategy that’s worked for over 30 years in many industries.

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Full Transcription

In today’s video, I’m going to reveal the secret of how you can have a constant flow of prospects, even if the economy or your market is bad.

You’ve probably heard the saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. But that’s what a lot of business owners are doing without realizing it.

So most businesses have one channel where all of their sales come from is usually word of mouth directly to the business owner. When your business relies just upon that one channel, the business becomes vulnerable. As that channel increases and decreases in performance, so does your revenue, the stability of your business, and even the value of your company. And worst case, if that channel stops performing, then the business is in real danger.

When you have just one channel in the business its just like a diving board. The business goes up and down based on how that channel performs a more robust way of building a business is just like the Parthenon in ancient Greece. It has many many pillars, and it’s been there and been stable for thousands of years.

So how do you build a Parthenon in your business?

You’ve got that one channel you need to add other channels. It was just like the Parthenon has other pillars, and that’s what makes it completely stable. So what are those other pillars? Joint ventures, endorsements from companies that have your target market, referrals, affiliate programs. Maybe its ad campaigns. There’s many, many things you can do to add other channels to your business. This model comes from the master of marketing, Jay Abraham. Jay created billions of dollars of sales for his clients, and helped transform thousands of businesses using this as one of his foundational principles.

So I encourage you take a look at your business:

  • How many channels do you currently have?
  • What channels can you create to diversify your business and to open up that constant flow of prospects regardless of what’s happening in your market or in the economy?

So here’s what you get when you implement those other channels:

  • The revenue in the business is stable
  • The longevity the business is assured
  • The value of the business increases and it becomes an asset you could sell
  • Your pipeline is full so you increase sales
  • Your team are motivated because they see the business is stable
  • You can attract A-players
  • You can retain the great staff that you already have
  • You can eliminate slow growth in your business because all of those different channels are driving the business forward.

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