How To Get Better At Closing Sales

How To Get Better At Closing Sales (in Just 4 Minutes)

Want to get better at sales as fast as possible?

Here’s 7 strategies you can learn in 4 minutes that are guaranteed to help you close more sales this month.

Full Transcript:

If you’re just getting started or you haven’t been focused on sales for very long, there are seven strategies you can learn really quickly, that are going to almost guarantee you close more sales and make more money. And best of all, without being a sleazy salesperson.

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So how do you close more sales without doing the hard sell?

These lessons come from an entrepreneur called Colin Dowling.

Strategy One: sales is a lot like golf, you can make it as complicated as you want, or you can just walk up and hit the ball. He’s been building sales organizations for over 20 years and his advice is just get out there and just keep going. Don’t overthink it. Don’t try and get into the psychology and the strategy and all of that.

The more you keep practicing, the better you get. It’s on the field where we learn our best lessons not in the textbooks and manuals.

Strategy Two: Sales is about people and problem solving. It’s not about solutions. It’s not about lines of code. It’s not about the newfangled technology that impresses them that nobody understands.

It’s about understanding who the person is, and what problem you’re solving. Don’t try and impress people with everything the product can do focus solely on how it helps them solve their problem.

Strategy 3: People only buy for four reasons. Those four things ae time, will it save me time? Money, will it save me money or make me money? Sex and approval, will it helped me get laid or make other people approve of me more? and lastly, peace of mind, will it avoid me having any problems in the future?

So talk about how your product solves their problem. Using those four different lenses talk about how it saves them time, money, increases their attractiveness, or avoids them having problems in the future.

Strategy 4: People buy aspirin always. Colin says that people only buy vitamins occasionally, but they buy aspirin always. This is really about pain being a bigger motivator than pleasure. The lesson here is we’ll spend money to get out of pain. But we won’t spend money as frequently to go from doing okay to doing a little bit better.

Lesson 5: People buy from their friends. So Colin says go out there and make as many friends as possible. Meet as many people as you can network add value to their lives. So as Grant Cardone says, “If I don’t know you, I can’t flow you”. We have to know people to have an opportunity to do business with them or to add value to their lives. So the more people you know, the more opportunities you have to do business with them.

Strategy 6: Being useful and valuable is all you ever need to do to sell things. So this is about helping people out, sending birthday cards to them, writing notes that they’ll find interesting, recording videos with ideas that might grow their business, introducing people to each other, referring people on giving them customers, and doing all of it authentically and with nothing expected in return.

When you do that you’re just putting things out all the time, the universe and life has a way of giving things back to you. Humans naturally want to give back to people that give to us.

Strategy 7: No one cares about your costs, your sales or your quota. They care only about does your product work? Will it work for them? And does it solve their problem? Focus on that completely, shine the spotlight on them.

Try one of these seven this week, block out some time on your calendar and focus just on that strategy. Then try another one next week, another one the week after and I think you’ll be surprised at how much better you get at sales in a short period of time.

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