We Asked 10 Digital Nomads What They Secretly Hate About Travelling The World

By Skye / August 25, 2020

It’s not all cocktails and laptops around the pool. OK it is, but only for Instagram! 📸 No one really works like that. A lot of digital nomad blogs try to “sell the dream” and whilst full time travel really is wonderful and we’re totally blessed and privileged – its not all roses. 🌹 With

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How To Be More Successful: The Dr Demartini 7 Areas of Life

By Skye / August 12, 2020

To live a full life, it helps to have the map. Dr Demartini’s 7 areas of life gave me that map back in 2016 when I attended his transformational Breakthrough Experience seminar. Before I learned them, my life was imbalanced. I was successful in some areas but failing miserably in others. By learning them I

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How To Reduce Your Anxiety By 65% (Scientist Proven and FREE)

By Skye / August 11, 2020

After you read this quick post, you’ll be able to more than half your anxiety whenever you want, wherever you are… Yep, even on a packed aeroplane with screaming toddlers either side of you. All you need is your phone, some headphones and one song. What Scientists Discovered David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International is the

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What Drug Dealers Can Teach You About Business

By Skye / August 6, 2020

Do you know what drug dealers, dogs and beggars have in common? They all hold the secrets to an exceptional life. Let me explain… Beggars I once asked my mentor “Who’s your coach?” and I was astonished when he told me it was the street beggars of Mumbai, India. It was early 2018 and I’d

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Learn Coding From Scratch Challenge: Day 4 (Writing My First Code!)

By Skye / August 3, 2020

I’m pumped! Its day 4 and I’ve just written my first line of code. I got tired of trying to learn theory and decided it was time to actually put my fingers to the keyboard. Knowing where to start was frustrating. YouTube took me in 100 different directions and I was getting confused. Part of

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Learn Coding From Scratch Challenge: Day 3

By Skye / July 28, 2020

(Prototype in Under 20 Minutes) Today I put my idea into action and designed a simple prototype of my web app, using completely free software. Yes its basic, but I’m making concrete steps forward, even if I’m not sure how I’m gonna build this thing. Here’s what I achieved today: Video Transcript So it’s day

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Learn Coding From Scratch Challenge: Day 2 (Idea)

By Skye / July 25, 2020

Day 2 started well, I didn’t know where to start so I just Googled “Web App Development for Dummies” and found these gems:

After reviewing these I learned some important things:

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Learn Coding From Scratch Challenge: Day 1 (Basics)

By Skye / July 23, 2020

If you’re new here, make sure you read my post The Learn Coding From Scratch Challenge ($0 spent, Zero Experience) before you read this – it’ll explain what I’m doing and why. If you’re here for day 1, you can read the post below, or watch my video where I walk you through the post

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The Learn Coding From Scratch Challenge ($0 Spent, Zero Experience)

By Skye / July 23, 2020

Have you had an idea for an app, but you got stuck because you didn’t know how to start? What if it was possible to learn to code websites and apps without spending any money and with zero experience? That’s the challenge I’m taking on. Here’s the rules: Not allowed to spend a single dollar

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Minimalist Digital Nomad Gear (Never Travel Without These 7!)

By Skye / July 10, 2020

Do you want to travel with as little stuff as possible?

A lot of digital nomad gear lists are overflowing with shit you just don’t need. If you want to travel with hand luggage only or just travel light, this is the list for you.

This post is about the minimum equipment you need to travel and work remotely. Its mostly tech. I’m not covering clothes and other travel gear.

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